For over 25 years, TK Green has been working hard at perfecting his craft in music. As a producer, artist, entertainer, videographer, and performer, TK Green has been developing his own sound, style, and ideas. At age 12, he wrote his first lyrics which were a rendering of the ‘Fresh Prince of Belair’ theme song to the story of the book ‘Frog and Toad: All Year’, for which he called the ‘Frog Prince of Belair’ and performed for his class. It was at this time he decided that writing music would be his legacy. With a magnetic presence, style and swagger unlike others around him, he was always able to attract and draw a crowd. By age 14 he had written a handful of songs and was performing at school dances and parties. At age 15 started getting into trouble and found himself in over his head in legal issues. A lifestyle that would last until he was well into his 20’s. At age 19 he was charged with a felony which would limit his ability to travel outside the United States. Only one year later, joined Tacoma, WA based metal band SEVERUS as their sampler and backing vocalist. The band thrived for many years until eventually disbanding due to differences between members. Today, he focuses mostly on raising his children and maintaining his family life, but continues to surprise his fans with new material as often as possible. Will he be the next big star? Realistically, probably not, but that will never stop him from continuing to pour his heart and soul into making music for his friends, fans, and supporters!
Thank You all for your continued support! I love y’all! – TK GREEN